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Quarterly Tasting Events





If you love craft beer, then you'll love our quarterly tasting nights.


These 'invite only' events are a sneak preview into the world of craft brewing, held at top- secret locations!


You'll learn about the hops and their origins, which hops give the flavour or the aroma and the different types of malts, barleys, wheats and ryes that combine to make the perfect pint!


We'll serve up some food and they'll always be at least 6 different beers to try, before we have a chat about all things beer, including a Q&A session with our brewers Mark & Joe.


Keep an eye on our Facebook page and Twitter feed for upcoming dates!


Who knows!? Your feedback may go into the next delicious brew leaving our production line!

Weddings & Special Events





We can cater for many different types of events and are happy to work with other local businesses to make your special day or fantastic event a success!


There are so many options available to you; we can provide individual favours for weddings guests, personalised for the special couple. Alternatively, why not let us supply you with a couple of kegs to keep your guests watered throughout the day!?


We can also arrange the setup of the bar, complete with pumps, accessories and staff!







"Anyone can drink beer, but it takes intelligence to enjoy beer"

- Stephen Beaumont, Author




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